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One of the reputed visual artist agencies in the Melbourne, Juxtapose Studios represents the world’s most talented figures via their exclusive art galleries and exhibitions. We are basically art dealers that give opportunities to creative individuals such as photographers, interior designers, painters, and other visual artists to exhibit their art pieces in front of the people, industry leaders, and creative companies for better visibility and recognition. You can simply book our gallery to display your work.

Being one of the talented agencies, we strive on organising monthly events, exhibitions and even art festivals like SALA to entertain local people of Melbourne. Our sole aim is to foster our contemporary art and encourage youngsters to get involved in this beautiful creative world.

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What are the opening hours of your gallery?

The gallery is open during working hours from Wednesday to Saturday. If something big comes, we try to extend our working hours as well.

How do I get the gallery space to display my work?

You need to book our gallery 2 weeks before if you want to exhibit your art pieces. You can either book online or come to our physical studio to know more everything about the fees.

Can you help in organising my exhibition?

Yes, we can help you in meeting all your specific requirements including gallery space amenities and food facilities.

Can I buy something from the gallery?

Of course, you can buy art pieces from the gallery. We sell them out on the behalf of individual talents.

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About our Studio

Juxtapose Studios allows local as well as international artists to represent their artistic work to the world. We simply curate exhibitions on the behalf of creative individuals.

3,000 Photography Exhibitions
5,700 Fine Art Exhibitions
1,900+ Painting Exhibitions
790 + Contemporary Art Exhibitions
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Our Testimonials



A few days back, I was looking for an art gallery where I can showcase my clicked stuff to the world. Thanks Juxtapose studios who helped me in giving such a beautiful and vibrant gallery space for my art pieces.


Interior Designer

I’ve joined the creative agency of Juxtapose to expose my interior design creativity to the industry leaders and the top-notch interior design firms to boost my visibility and presence.



I love creative designers, fine art pieces and other visual stuff. Juxtapose studio has given me a golden chance to get close to the original and inspiring pieces of art.